Xilinx chip spotted in Intel processor socket

Back at the Fall Intel Developer Forum, Intel's Pat Gelsinger revealed that the company planned to license its front-side bus to third parties (including Xilinx and Altera) as part of its Geneseo initiative, a strategy similar to AMD's Torrenza initiative. Yesterday, Intel revealed the name for Geneseo—QuickAssist—and now, while roaming around the halls of the Spring Intel Developer Forum in Beijing, the folks at The Inquirer have spotted a Xilinx chip sitting in an Intel motherboard's processor socket.

The processor socket in question is apparently of the 604-pin variety, not the LGA771-type socket that can play host to Intel's Xeon 5100- and 5300-series processors. As for the chip, it's a Virtex 5, which Xilinx claims is the world's first 65nm field-programmable gate array. According to The Inquirer, the Socket 604 Virtex 5 isn't a mere prop or development prototype—it's actually a fully functional production unit. Current models are designed to accommodate 800MHz front-side bus speeds, and 1066MHz FSB variants are reportedly up and running in Xilinx's labs.

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