Sony confirms higher-capacity PS3 speculation

After canceling the 20GB version of the PlayStation 3, leaving only the $599 60GB model, Sony has now officially mentioned that it is considering the introduction of a potentially pricier variant of its latest console. According to a report by CNet, Sony Computer Entertainment spokesman Satoshi Fukuoka has stated, "For users who vigorously store (games and other entertainment content) in the PS3, 20-giga[bytes] is probably going to be too small, and even 60-giga[bytes] may not be big enough eventually." Fukuoka added that, while Sony didn't intend to modify the console's processor, graphics chip, Blu-ray drive, and networking capabilities, additions or deletions outside that realm were "quite possible."

Those statements fit together neatly with a recently-uncovered U.S. Federal Communications Commission filing. In the filing, Sony mentioned an "additional" PS3 console with a new product code and an 80GB hard drive. The filing was made on March 2, roughly a month before Microsoft announced its 120GB Xbox 360 Elite.

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