Firefox gets a new Windows Media Player plug-in

Microsoft’s Open Source Software Lab has released a new plug-in that allows Windows users to view embedded Windows Media 11 video inside Mozilla Firefox. The installer for the plug-in can be downloaded from Microsoft’s Port 25 Open Source Software Lab website here. It weighs in at only 302KB, and it supports both Windows XP and Windows Vista in either 32-bit or 64-bit flavors. According to Microsoft, the plug-in features a “new robust design that addresses all of the known issues with the old plug-in,” and it finally enables Windows Media Player to work with Firefox in Vista.

There’s already a minor issue with the plug-in’s installer, though: on the download page, Microsoft warns that Vista users running Firefox may get an error when running the installer. To work around the error, Microsoft suggests that users simply close Firefox before attempting to install the plug-in.

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