OCZ cranks its 2GB DDR2 kits to 1.2GHz

About five months ago, OCZ announced its first FlexXLC DDR2 memory kit rated for a whopping 1.15GHz with latency timings of 5-5-5-18. Aside from its high clock speed rating, the 2GB kit donned a vertical heat sink with two pipes sticking out to accommodate a liquid cooling system, should users feel that simple air cooling isn't enough.

OCZ has now introduced a new, even faster FlexXLC DDR2 kit: the 2GB PC2-9600 FlexXLC Edition. This new kit is rated for a clock speed of no less than 1.2GHz at the same 5-5-5-18 timings as its predecessor and with the same 2.35V voltage rating. Also like its predecessor, the kit is covered for minor over-volting up to 2.4V, and it supports Enhanced Performance Profiles on compatible motherboards (right now, only Nvidia nForce-based offerings.) That said, EPP will only take the new kit as far as 1.175GHz—users will need to overclock the rest of the way themselves if they want to hit 1.2GHz.

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