DisplayPort gains support for optical connections

CMOS photonics firm Luxtera has announced that the Video Electronics Standards Association's DisplayPort Task Force has approved the addition of so-called "hybrid devices" to the DisplayPort 1.1 standard. "Hybrid devices" like fiber-optic transceivers will now be used as an endorsed alternative to copper cables for connecting DisplayPort displays to compatible systems. Luxtera quotes IDC analyst Earl Joseph as saying the addition represents "another technical advantage" to the DisplayPort spec, and that it will allow the industry to come up with solutions for "longer reach display applications." Some of those applications might include projectors, digital signs, and even home and office scenarios where unusually long display cables are a necessity.

As a reminder, DisplayPort 1.1 is an open standard that's designed to eventually replace LVDS, DVI, and VGA display outputs. The DisplayPort 1.1 specification, which adds support for HDCP copy protection, received VESA approval earlier this month.

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