Michael Dell runs Linux on his own laptop

After a mass of customer requests on its IdeaStorm site, Dell announced last month that it would start to offer desktop and notebook systems pre-loaded with Linux. According to a report by eWeek, Dell has already kind of started this endeavor. That is, Michael Dell, Dell founder and CEO, is already running a pre-release version of Ubuntu Linux 7.04 on his own personal notebook. According to the 2006 Desktop Linux Survey, Ubuntu has been the most popular Linux distribution since early 2005 and was the most popular choice in August 2006. Recent search statistics from Google Trends suggest that’s still the case.

eWeek says Michael Dell runs Ubuntu 7.04 on a Dell Precision M90 “mobile workstation.” His suite of software tools includes VMware Workstation 6 Beta, OpenOffice.org 2.2, Automatix2, Firefox, and Evolution Groupware 2.10. Automatix2 allowed Mr. Dell to install Linux versions of apps including Skype, Opera, Google Earth, and Picasa—all of which he runs on his notebook, eWeek adds.

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