Hacker holds Steam credit card data for ransom

A hacker claims to have broken into Valve’s Steam online content delivery service and appropriated customer credit card information. The hacker calls himself MaddoxX and has posted a thread on anti-Steam website no-steam.org with links to an archive containing screenshots of internal Valve web pages, a portion of Valve’s Cyber Cafe directory, error logs, credit card information for five Steam customers, and Valve’s own balance sheet (listing total funds of $9,186,722.35.)

MaddoxX claims that he has “shell [access] everywhere” and adds, “If you want me to remove these files you can e-mail me at [address removed] and I prefer you come with something good unless you want me to expose ALL of the customers [and] their information.” The screenshots and information certainly seem genuine, so Steam users would probably do well to keep an eye on their bank accounts in the near future. Valve has yet to issue a statement about the problem on its Steam website. However, the hacker quotes a purported statement from a Valve forum moderator that reads, “Valve are aware of the issue and are investigating.” Thanks to DailyTech for the tip.

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