Ubuntu Linux 7.04 hits download mirrors worldwide

Following its biyearly release cycle, Canonical has released version 7.04 of Ubuntu Linux—the most popular (and apparently Michael Dell’s favorite) desktop Linux distribution. Download mirrors for the new operating system are up in all four corners of the world and listed on the Ubuntu website’s front page.

Ubuntu Linux 7.04 features the latest Linux kernel, the latest version of the Gnome desktop environment, and bundled software including Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, Evolution, OpenOffice.org, Gaim/Pidgin, The Gimp, and Rhythmbox. The new distribution also brings a few major new enhancements over its predecessor, including a Windows migration tool that fetches data like bookmarks and IM contacts from a Windows installation, a wizard that automatically installs video codecs, an automatic wireless network selection/roaming tool, and improved support for closed source drivers.

For users who’d rather not install the distribution, the Ubuntu 7.04 installation disc also doubles as a LiveCD. Users can boot from it, get online, and play around with the default Gnome desktop and bundled applications. If they choose to install the distribution, they can do so from the live desktop environment. (Thanks to TR reader Darth_nevus for the tip)

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