Now that Q3 is done, what's next for Carmack?

id Software's 3D programming guru is pleased with his company's latest work, but he's already ready to start trying some new things, according to a new .plan update. What's next? A few research projects and some further dabbling in free software programming. Most interesting, however, is his intention to finally take a crack a building a 3D engine that could have a broad application--namely, cyberspace:
I have two rendering technologies that I intend to write research engines for.

I am going to spend some time on computer vision problems. I think the cheap little web cams have some interesting possibilities.

I am going to explore some possibilities with generalizing 3D game engines into more powerful environments with broader uses. I think that a lot of trends are coming to the point where a "cyberspace" as it is often imagined is begining to be feasible.

I seriously thought John Carmack's 3D engines would power interconnected virtual spaces all over the 'net shortly after the release of QuakeWorld. The Quake engine's real-time 3D technology has to have some truly compelling uses (beyond gaming) in a web-like span of connected servers. Perhaps it's finally time to make that happen. I assume such a solution would be released under a public license for non-gaming use or something like that, so it could fairly rapidly become a standard--especially since the Quake 3 rendering engine is already runnining on Win32, the MacOS, and Linux.
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