HP retained PC market supremacy last quarter

Numbers published by market research firm IDC suggest that HP once again had the lion's share of the worldwide PC market in the first quarter of this year. 19.1% of PCs shipped in the first quarter were HP systems, leaving Dell behind with only 15.2% of shipments. Compared to the first quarter of last year, HP's worldwide shipments went up a cool 28.2%, while Dell's actually dropped by 6.9%. That said, Dell is still king of the hill in the U.S. market: the IDC numbers say Dell had 26.8% of the U.S. PC market in the first quarter, compared to 24.2% for HP. Dell's nemesis is definitely catching up, though: its U.S. shipments have increased 25.5% since the first quarter of 2006, while Dell's have decreased by 14.4%.

According to IDC, Dell's poor performance is due to the slow U.S. market, internal restructuring, a focus on the slower-growing commercial market, "a strategy of not chasing share at the expense of profitability," the company's limited retail presence, and of course aggressive competition from HP and others.

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