Valve: Steam not hacked after all

We reported earlier today that a hacker claimed to have broken into Steam and obtained user credit card information. Gaming site 1UP has now posted a statement by Valve Director of Marketing Doug Lombardi that says Steam itself was not attacked and that the so-called hacker only managed to obtain information pertaining to cybercafes.

Doug Lombardi, director of marketing at Valve, says, “There has been no security breach of Steam.” However, he does confirm our expert’s findings by adding, “The alleged hacker gained access to a third-party site that Valve uses to manage the commercial partners in its Cyber Café program. This Cyber Café billing system is not connected to Steam. We are working with law enforcement agencies on this matter, and encourage anyone with more information to e-mail us at [email protected]

Steam users may therefore breathe a sigh of relief, although unfortunately, cybercafe owners participating in the aforementioned program might not be so lucky. (Thanks to Shacknews for the link.)

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