Window XP gets an encore from Dell

Linux isn't the only operating system users are asking Dell to put on its machines. As CNet reports, repeated requests on Dell's IdeaStorm website have prompted the PC maker to put Windows XP back on some of its PCs. Dell has brought back Windows XP Home and Windows XP Professional as alternative operating system choices for four of its Inspiron notebooks and two of its Dimension desktops. The move comes despite Microsoft's plan to mandate that PC vendors stop selling systems pre-loaded with Windows XP by the start of next year.

Dell's decision might not bode well for Vista sales, but Microsoft doesn't seem worried. CNet quotes Microsoft Product Manager Michael Burke as saying, "Dell is responding appropriately to a small minority of customers that had this specific request. But, as they have said before, the vast majority of consumers want the latest and greatest technology, and that includes Windows Vista."

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