Wii leads new console sales in March

A couple of months ago, we reported that Nintendo's Wii console outsold both Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's PlayStation 3 in Jaunary. CNet has now posted figures from market research firm NPD Group for the month of March, and it looks like the Wii came out on top of the current-generation console charts yet again.

According to NPD, Nintendo sold 259,000 Wiis last month, while Microsoft sold 199,000 Xbox 360s and Sony trailed with 130,000 PS3s sold. That's a 30% lead for the Wii. While impressive, it's less than the 48% lead the Wii had in January. (NPD's January numbers quoted 436,000 Wii sales, 294,000 Xbox 360 sales, and 244,000 PS3 sales.) Nonetheless, the Wii's low price and Nintendo's decision to market the console to audiences beyond the traditional teenage/early 20s male demographic seems to still be working out. Despite the Wii's success, though, Sony's $130 PlayStation 2 console topped overall console sales last month with 280,000 units sold.

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