Poll: Do you watch movies and videos on your PC?

We've just put up a new poll, and this week we're asking about your movie and video watching habits. Some users still like to sit down in front of their TV (or even go to the local theater) to watch movies, shows, and other video content. However, the advent of DVD drives, broadband Internet connections, voluminous hard drives, and wide-screen monitors has dragged many users out of the living room and in front of their computers, where they might watch most or perhaps all of their video content. What about you? Are you a couch potato, or have you already ditched your TV? Feel free to head over to our poll and vote to let us know.

Last week's poll topic was instant messaging clients. We asked you what your favorite client was, and almost a third of you (27%) chose Windows Live Messenger. In relatively distant second place was Trillian, with 18% of the vote, and in third place was Pidgin with 13%. Other clients all got less than 10% each; in order of popularity, those were AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk, Miranda, ICQ, and Adium. That said, the "Other" choice took 13% of the vote, so we apparently missed a few clients—either that, or some users figure IRC falls in the same realm as IM clients.

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