OCZ announces new StealthXStream power supply

After announcing its ModXStream power supply earlier this month, OCZ has introduced yet another derivative of its GameXStream PSU line. This particular model is dubbed StealthXStream, and as its name indicates, it's designed to be quiet and less eye-catching than OCZ's other offerings. Just like the low-end GameXStream, the StealthXStream is rated for 600W of power output. It has four +12V rails rated for 18A of current delivery each, active power factor correction, an 80% efficiency rating, a three-year warranty, and cooling from a single 120mm fan. Unlike the GameXStream, though, the StealthXStream has no flashy internal LED, and it's only available with a 600W power rating.

OCZ boasts that the unit features a "conservative look with a sleek, black case and fan" and that it "includes OCZ's acclaimed reliability and feature-sets with a lower price point." Considering even the 600W GameXStream costs $129.99 on Newegg, the fact that OCZ would try to squeeze a similar unit into a lower price bracket isn't entirely surprising. The company doesn't quote a price tag for the new unit, though.

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