AMD to renew focus on the distribution channel

After apparently angering distributors because of channel shortages in the wake of its deal with Dell, AMD is preparing to renew its focus on the distribution channel. According to Channel Register, AMD has admitted that its focus on PC vendors had "alienated its traditional partners in the [distribution] channel." To gain back market share, AMD plans to kick off a new channel program on May 1. The program will involve simplifying and merging the firm's existing channel programs, providing "top to bottom pricing," and selling an open platform of bundled AMD graphics products, processors, and chipsets. AMD also intends to "ring-fence the world's top AMD customers" and require them to provide data regarding the products they sell per segment and not per quarter.

Along with discussing its plans, Channel Register says AMD also provided a few interesting details about its existing sales. Products costing less than $49 make up 30% of AMD's sales, while products that cost more than $200 make up a scant 3% of sales. AMD is also seeing increased growth in China: the firm boasts that 800,000 boards are being shipped to the country each month, which is significantly boosting its market share.

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