TR Forum Tidings: sub-$200 digital cameras

For this week's forum tidings post, we've selected a thread by gerbil veteran Gilligan about cheap digital cameras. Gilligan is asking fellow forum goers to recommend a sub-$200 point-and-shoot digital camera that's small and has great overall picture quality. The thread has already extended to two pages of replies, with people recommending all kinds of cameras from different manufacturers. Some stand out in particular, such as Canon's A-series offerings. For instance, Usacomp2k3 suggests the $199.99 Canon A630, and diamond2a recommends the cheaper Canon A550. Other brands and models do also get some attention: crazybus, for one, recommends the FujiFilm FinePix F20.

Gilligan doesn't appear to have picked one yet, but the thread already looks like a good repository of recommendations for affordable point-and-shoot cameras. If you're looking for a similar camera yourself or have a different model to suggest, feel free to hop in the discussion. Don't forget to register a forum account first if you intend to post.

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