Samsung readies 120GB 1.8" hard drive

Earlier this month, Samsung announced two new 2.5" SpinPoint hard drive lines and mentioned that it was developing a SpinPoint M5 2.5" hard drive with a capacity of 250GB. Japanese site PC Watch now reports that Samsung's Japanese branch as announced a 1.8" SpinPoint N2 drive with a capacity of no less than 120GB. The drive isn't scheduled to go on sale until July, but its size makes it ripe for use by the likes of Apple and Microsoft in next-generation iPods and other hard-drive-based portable media players. The drive will reportedly have either 4,200RPM or 3,600RPM spindle speeds, 2MB or 8MB of cache, and an operating shock tolerance of 600G. Samsung will also make lower-capacity models with capacities ranging from 30GB to 100GB.

Incidentally, PC Watch's article contains an interesting slide from a Samsung presentation that discusses solid-state drives (SSD). The slide says says the per-gigabyte cost of SSDs won't come anywhere close to that of regular 1.8" hard drives until 2010. By then, the firm predicts that SSDs will have a per-gigabyte cost of 90 cents to $2.5, depending on estimates. By contrast, Samsung expects 1.8" hard drives to have a per-gigabyte cost of 60 cents in 2010, down from $1.4 today. (Thanks to Engadget for the link.)

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