Mac shipments increased 36% over the past year

In a financial results announcement posted yesterday, Apple has published data suggesting that its personal computer business is still seeing growth. As EE Times reports, the company boasted that it shipped 1.52 million Macs in the first quarter of this year. Compared to shipments for the first quarter of 2006, that's an increase of 36%. According to Apple CEO Steve Jobs, the Mac is "clearly gaining market share" and that 36% rate of growth is "more than three times the industry growth rate." Apple's iPod business is also growing: the firm managed to ship 10.55 million iPods in the first quarter of this year, 24% more than it did a year ago.

The release of the company's Intel-powered MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops is likely one of the factors behind the increase in Mac sales. In July last year, Apple claimed that its share of the U.S. notebook market had doubled between January and June and sat at a cool 12%.

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