MPAA wants to embrace fair use, interoperable DRM

Amidst a push by EMI and Apple—and possibly other major labels—to make music available online without digital rights management protection, Motion Picture Association of America boss Dan Glickman has spoken in favor of fair use and improving DRM interoperability.

As Ars Technica reports, Glickman announced that movie studios are now fully committed to DRM interoperability and that they think users should be able to view movies and videos on "any item in the house." Glickman also announced that the MPAA was working to allow users to rip DVDs in order to transfer movies onto iPods and other entertainment devices. The announcement represents a major shift in the MPAA's position, although the movie studios apparently have no intention to ditch DRM altogether, at least not yet. Glickman told Ars that users would be able to rip DVDs "'legally' and in a protected way," suggesting that DRM will be on the menu there somehow.

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