Internet2 speed record broken twice in two days

Researchers working with the University of Tokyo say they managed to break the speed record for the fastest data transmission on the Internet2 high-speed network twice in two consecutive days, as SFGate reports.

The first day, the researchers successfully sent data at 7.76Gbps, or a whopping 970MB/s. But they tried again the next day using "modified protocols," and this time, SFGate says, they were able to hit a speed of 9.08Gbps. That's 1.14GB/s, which is 17% faster than the speed they hit the day before and 30% faster than the previous record of 6.96Gbps (870MB/s) achieved in November 2005. But these data transmissions weren't done across a lab, a University campus, or even the same country. No, the speed was achieved across a 20,000-mile (32,187km) data path running between Chicago and Tokyo, Japan. The Internet2 network's theoretical bandwidth limit is 10Gbps (1.25GB/s).

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