Poll: Do you play massively multiplayer games?

We've put up a new poll, and this time we're asking whether you play any massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs, for short). With games like World of Warcraft credited in part for reviving the PC gaming industry, it would seem that many enthusiasts have joined in, as well. However, MMOGs can also be a significant waste of time, and some enthusiasts may opt to preserve their already fleeting social lives by not partaking in MMOGs at all. So, what about you? Are you a regular MMOG player, or do you have better things to do? Feel free to vote and let us know.

Last week's poll was about your movie watching habits, and we quizzed you about the amount of movie and general video content you watch on a PC. Unsurprisingly, most voters watch at least some video content on a PC—only 10% say they don't use a PC to view any video or movie content at all. The rest is split roughly three ways between people who watch all their videos and movies on a PC (26% of the total), those who watch most of their movies and video content on a PC (33% of the total), and those who only watch some of their video content on a computer (31% of the total).

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