Shuttle announces giveaway survey winner

Small form factor PC maker Shuttle has announce the winner of its five-question giveaway survey that has been running over the past month or so. Out of the 1,700 who participated, the winner is a certain Dennis T. of North Carolina, who will receive one of Shuttle's SDXi BYO systems. The SDXi BYO is a limited edition, small form factor barebones that can accommodate one of Intel's quad-core Core 2 Quad or Core 2 Extreme processors and a pair of AMD Radeon graphics cards (or a single Nvidia one, should the winner so choose.) Being a barebones system, though, this machine is customizable and could be turned into a sleek little LAN party box with one of Intel's recently discounted Core 2 Duo processors.

We haven't yet heard from Dennis, so we invite him to come claim his prizeā€”and, if he has a minute, post in our comments section to let us all know how he plans to outfit his new machine.

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