Where did Sony go wrong with the PS3?

In the wake of the departure of PlayStation creator Ken Kutaragi from Sony, CNN Money has published an article by Business 2.0 Magazine senior writer Chris Taylor that takes a look at Sony's failings with the PlayStation 3.

Taylor believes the PS3's sluggish sales are due to several mistakes. The most obvious one is the console's hardware spec, which raised its price well above that of other consoles. Taylor also says the console's controller is a major downside. Aside from its wireless capability, which it has by default, the controller looks identical to the "handheld mess of buttons" that was bundled with the PlayStation 2. And including a Blu-ray player by default, while it does seem to have helped the Blu-ray format get an edge over HD DVD, was just a bad idea. The PS3 "may be the chrome-trimmed headstone on the grave of convergence," Taylor remarks.

According to Taylor, Sony should have taken an approach similar to that of Nintendo's: make a console that's easy to use and without unnecessary features that could make it more of a Swiss Army knife than a pure gaming device.

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