Nintendo to kick Wii production up a notch

Yesterday, we quoted an IDC video game analyst who claimed that shortages of Nintendo's Wii console would continue for another couple of years. "I believe the Wii will continue strong growth although supply continues to be a problem. . . . I don't believe supply will meet demand for the Wii until 2009," he stated. Well, the Seattle PI now reports that Nintendo intends to boost production of its flagship console. The firm's president, Satoru Iwata, has acknowledged the shortages plaguing the Wii were "abnormal" and stated, "We must do our best to fix this abnormal lack of stock. We have not been able to properly foresee demand." Iwata added that efforts were currently under way to increase Wii production, and that more machines would soon be shipped to stores worldwide.

Of course, shortages or not, the Wii is still the best-selling current-gen console in the U.S. Last week, market research firm NPD stated that Nintendo had sold 259,000 Wiis in March—30% more than the number of Xbox 360s sold and close to double the number of PlayStation 3 units moved.

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