16Gb Samsung NAND flash hits mass production

Samsung has announced that it has begun mass producing what it claims to be the highest-capacity NAND flash memory chip now available. The chip has a capacity of 16Gb, or 2GB, which is made possible by Samsung's new 51nm process technology. Samsung boasts that the new 51nm process is 60% more efficient than its existing 60nm process. The Korean firm also notes that it has managed to transition to 51nm process technology just eight months after announcing its first 8Gb NAND flash chip based on a 60nm process last August.

Density isn't the 16Gb chip's only upside, though. Samsung's new baby has a read speed of 30MB/s and a write speed of 8MB/s, which the firm compares to 17MB/s and 4.4MB/s speeds for existing 60nm multi-level cell-based flash chips. Samsung expects the new chip to hit the mainstream market late this year and to allow for flash memory cards with capacities of as much as 16GB.

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