Xbox 360 GPU to shrink to 65nm this fall

We learned last year that Chartered had secured an agreement to produce a version of the Xbox 360's "Xenon" processor based on 65nm process technology. Production was scheduled to begin in the first quarter of this year. Now, DigiTimes has word that the Xbox 360's AMD "Xenos" graphics processor is also due for a 65nm die shrink.

The site quotes a Commercial Times report as saying engineering samples of 65nm Xenos graphics processors have already been sent out, and that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company will be in charge of mass-producing the chips. Production is scheduled to start next month, but the report suggests Microsoft won't start putting 65nm Xenos GPUs in its consoles until the fall. As with most die shrinks, the move from 90nm to 65nm should trim the Xenos chip's power consumption and heat dissipation.

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