OLPC laptop could be headed to U.S. schools

The One Laptop Per Child project's XO laptop was designed primarily for children in the developing world, and the system is already expected to launch in countries including Argentina, Brazil, Libya, Rwanda, and Uruguay. However, according to CIO Insight, the OLPC organization has now stated that it may sell versions of the XO laptop to schools in the United States. OLPC project founder Nicholas Negroponte is quoted as saying, "We can't ignore the United States. ... We are looking at it very seriously."

XO laptops would be sold to U.S. schools for a price higher than that paid by developing nations, Negroponte says, because more resources are invested in U.S. education compared to the developing world. The XO laptop, which was originally intended to launch for $150 and eventually drop to $100, now has a $176 price tag. According to a report by The Register, the price hike stems from a rise in the cost of raw materials, particularly nickel.

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