Dell to choose Ubuntu for Linux PCs

Just over a month ago, Dell announced that it planned to start offering desktop and notebook systems with Linux pre-installed. Now, eWeek reports that Dell will most likely select Canonical’s Ubuntu Linux as the distribution of choice for those machines. Dell hasn’t made an official announcement yet, but eWeek quotes multiple sources within Dell as saying that Ubuntu will indeed be chosen.

That choice wouldn’t be too surprising, seeing as Dell CEO Michael Dell himself recently revealed that he runs Ubuntu Linux on his personal Dell Precision M90 notebook. Ubuntu also happens to be the most popular Linux distribution choice, judging by the 2006 Desktop Linux Survey as well as recent Google search trends. According to eWeek’s sources, Dell will start pre-loading the recently released 7.04 version of Ubuntu Linux on a Dell e-series “Essential” Dimension desktop, an XPS desktop, and an e-series Inspiron notebook in late May.

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    • opinionated
    • 13 years ago

    I looked at reviews of the new Ubuntu offering when it first came out. I couldn’t find a single one that said this version of Linux or any other was appropriate for the common user. Reading some of the comments here I’d have to agree. I didn’t understand a good portion of them. I think if Dell starts making Ubuntu computers available to mainstream users at this time they are in for some major support headaches.

      • emkubed
      • 13 years ago

      Why don’t you boot a Ubuntu Live CD and draw your own conclusions?

      I have 7.04 as the only OS on two laptops for my family, the least computer-savvy users I support, and they really enjoy it.

      • Whybee
      • 13 years ago

      If Dell installs everything a common user needs it is gonna be OK. Most users probably will not know the difference between Windows and Ubuntu anyway.

      It is more advanced users who may have problems. I personally used Unix last time about 15 years ago and finally decided to try Linux with this new release of Ubuntu. Installing drivers and applications and even changing screen resolution (to increase resolution you have to edit the configuration file manually) requires a lot of time. You have to google solutions to your problems and because it is a new release recommended solutions will not always work.

      But when you learn how to do things it works fine. It is faster and presumably safer (though I never had any serious security issues in windows).

      I cannot entirely switch to Ubuntu because there is no iTunes for Linux and no macromedia flash player for 64 bit version and I still cant make my RealPlayer work (maybe also because it is a 64 bit version). But I would recommend trying Ubuntu to everyone. At the very least it makes you learn a bit more about how your computer works.

    • NotParker
    • 13 years ago

    Bye Bye Dell.

    If they plan to divert millions of dollars in resources and time away from supporting 99.99% of their customers to supporting Ubuntu, then I’ll be switching my company to HP.

    • Illissius
    • 13 years ago

    They made the right choice. I use Kubuntu myself, but either of them are great.

    • gbcrush
    • 13 years ago


    I keep thinking I need to take the dive into Linux. Certainly all my coworkers here (about 95% linux heads) are reminding me of that. And I thought about loading Ubuntu to throw on some old hardware I have at home.

    Now I hear Dell is going to use this? Am I justified in feeling a bit of the “I dont wanna be like them” factor?

      • bthylafh
      • 13 years ago

      No, it just means you’re an elitist.

        • gbcrush
        • 13 years ago

        actually, that’s refreshing to hear. You’re right, I shouldn’t care.

        I’ll shutup and try to keep that in mind.

      • Corrado
      • 13 years ago

      It means rather than old hardware, spend the $300 and get a brand new fast machine with linux on it from dell and enjoy the warranty and not having to hunt down obscure drivers and hacking them in.

      • FubbHead
      • 13 years ago

      Install Gentoo first, and then reconsider. 🙂

    • blitzy
    • 13 years ago

    that’s a hell of a plug for Ubuntu

    • grug
    • 13 years ago

    The real question is, will the Windows-less PCs actually cost less?

    • DreadCthulhu
    • 13 years ago

    Kubuntu would have been better, as I think KDE is a better desktop enviroment than Gnome, especially for people coming off of windows. Still, Kudos for Dell for doing this.

    • DukenukemX
    • 13 years ago

    I don’t care what Linux they choose so long as it becomes standard. That is currently what hurts Linux from becoming a serious competitor to XP/Vista is the lack of standards. Standards and simplicity.

    Ubuntu is probably the best choice so far given that it doesn’t require a Computer Science degree to operate it.

    • Hamish
    • 13 years ago

    I have the same laptop as Michael Dell! WooT!

    • tesmar
    • 13 years ago

    Ubuntu is clearly the best choice here, if even for its’ clean layout. I mean, Mandriva by default is hideous, and Suse is also cluttered. Ubuntu is more elegant, and the package system is the best of the three. Good choice Dell.

      • LiamC
      • 13 years ago

      I’ve been playing with Linux since SUSE 6.2. SUSE, Red Hat, Mandrake/Mandriva never seemed quite “there”.

      6.0 was my first try at Ubuntu and I thought it was very good. 6.10 was even better but 7.04 is a revelation (from a n00b perspective).

      Oh yeah KDE is the wm of choice 😀
      /ducks, weaves

        • apsog33
        • 13 years ago

        Actually KDE isn’t a window manager it’s a desktop environment with kwin as it’s window manager. I prefer openbox as a window manager whether i’m in gnome or kde because it’s friggin fast.

    • rythex
    • 13 years ago

    Insert some random Linux nerd comment how Dell should have chosen some different version of Linux for some stupid obscure reason.

      • adisor19
      • 13 years ago

      Rrright, well i would have personally went with SUSE but given their recent pact with the devil (M$), i think Ubuntu is a good choice. Mandriva would have been good too…


      • alex666
      • 13 years ago

      LOL. I was waiting for that, too.

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