Low-cost Asus notebooks coming in July

We heard about two weeks ago that Asus intended to launch five low-cost notebooks priced between $199 and $549 in the second half of this year. The machines were said to be based on Intel's Classmate PC platform and to feature Intel processors and chipsets, 7" LCD panels from AU Optronics, and 1GB-40GB solid-state drives for storage.

DigiTimes now has word from Asustek vice president Jerry Shen that Asus intends to launch four of those notebooks in July. The four systems should be priced at $249, $299, $399, and $549, omitting the cheapest $199 model. According to DigiTimes, sales of low-cost notebooks based on the Classmate PC platform should total "several hundred thousand to one million units" this year. Next year, the site expects classmate PC-based notebook sales to amount to 10 million units. Asustek's share of that market is "likely" to range from 30-50% by then, too.

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