Gigabyte preps 'Bearlake' motherboards

Our counterparts over at DailyTech have gotten their hands on some pictures and specifications pertaining to a yet-unannounced line of "Bearlake" motherboards from Gigabyte. Bearlake is the code name for Intel's next-generation "3 series" chipset lineup, which will bring support for DDR3 memory, 1333MHz front-side bus speeds, PCI Express 2.0, and other goodies. According to DailyTech, Gigabyte will launch five Bearlake mobos in early June: two high-end models based on the P35 Express chipset, two mainstream P35 Express-based models, and two based on the G33 Express chipset with integrated graphics.

The high-end P35 offerings will include the P35-DQ6 and the P35T-DQ6, which will both have two physical PCI Express x16 graphics slots, eight internal 300MB/s Serial ATA ports, and heat pipe-based cooling for both core logic and power regulation circuitry. The only difference between the two seems to be that the P35T-DQ6 will support DDR3 memory, while the P35-DQ6 will only accommodate good old DDR2. Meanwhile, the mainstream P35 model will be dubbed P35-DS3R, and it will have one PCI Express x16 slot, eight internal 300MB/s Serial ATA ports, DDR2 memory support, and vanilla heatsinks on its north and south bridge chips.

As for the two G33-based offerings, they'll be available with ATX and microATX form factors, and surprisingly, DailyTech says they'll both be outfitted with an ICH9R south bridge that will have RAID support. All of the aforementioned motherboards will also have solid capacitors, ferrite core choke coils, and low RDS MOSFETs in order to help improve durability.

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