11 file compression programs fight it out

Tech ARP has finished putting together a comparative test that stacks up 11 file compression programs including 7-Zip, ARJ32, bzip2, gzip, SB Archiver, Squeez, Stuffit Deluxe, WinAce, WinRAR, WinRK, and WinZip and compares how well they handle eight file sets comprised of WAV files, MP3 files, text documents, e-books, DivX and MPEG video, and both compressed and uncompressed images.

The tests measure not only compression rate, but also compression speed at fastest, default, and best compression settings for each file set. In addition, Tech ARP provides charts that determine compression efficiency as a ratio of space saved to the amount of time taken by the compressor. The results have plenty of depth to dig into, but Tech ARP says the best option for maximum compression is WinRK, and that the best software for both speed and efficiency is ARJ32.

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