TR Forum Tidings: Gerbil photography

For this week's forum tidings post, we've strayed from usual discussion topics and selected this thread, which gerbil regular Usacomp2k3 posted in our general discussion subforum—The Back Porch—yesterday afternoon. The premise of the thread is to post photos of subjects at sunrise and at sunset. Usacomp2k3 says his fellow gerbils have two weeks to contribute their efforts, and he's kicked off the assignment with three shots taken in Florida and Georgia with a Canon PowerShot A520 and a fancier Canon Digital Rebel XTi. A number of other gerbils, including danny e., mattsteg, GokuSS2, and paco have already added their own contributions.

If you'd like to take a gander, feel free to hop over to the thread. And if you have a camera and some free time on your hands—or a few cool sunrise/sunset photos in your personal album—you're welcome to go over and contribute. You'll want to register a forum account if you don't already have one, of course.

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