• Ace's Hardware on DDR-II (go read it)
  • Acessing xterms from Windows (from Win2K Central)
  • SuperSite for Windows guide to a successful WinMe installation
  • 3D Spotlight's guide to tweaking your system memory
  • Creative Labs SB Live! Platinum 5.1 specs
  • WinInfo reports that Windows Me, 98SE shutdown bug to affect fast systems
  • Navy's next generation carrier to run Windows 2000
  • MS Windows makes your computer play classical music? (bizarre)
Processors and notebook

  • 1GHz...[H]ard|OCP style (water cooling action)
  • CPUReview looks at Thunderbird 700 mhz Slot A
  • Sharky Extreme reviews Dell Inspiron 4000 notebook

  • Tom's Hardware compares AMD and Intel to determine the best CPU for MPEG-4
  • CTNews3D shows how to convert MP3s to WAV files
  • Sharky Extreme does software DVD player shootout
  • Beddoestech reviews Samsung SyncMaster 900SL 19"
  • OnePC reviews Labtec Edge-418 flat panel speakers

  • BXBoards reviews Asus A7VPro socket A
  • One2surf's head to head comparison of Via KT133 motherboards
  • Active-Hardware reviews Gigabyte GA-6OXM7E i815e (4 DIMMs)
  • GamePC reviews Soyo SY-7ISA i815e
  • FlipChip reviews Asus CUSL2 i815e
  • t-break reviews Chaintech 6AJR1 Via Apollo Pro 133A FC-PGA

  • Technoyard does ultimate Quake III video card showdown
  • Hardware One reviews Videologic Sonic Fury sound card
  • FiringSquad reviews Abit Siluro GF2 MX
  • nV News reviews MSI StarForce 815 GF2 GTS
  • Rizenet reviews MSI StarForce 816 GF2 MX
  • PCinsight reviews MSI StarForce 815 GF2 GTS

  • SystemLogic's Pioneer DVD-115 16x DVD review
  • Target PC reviews Epo 10X DVD-ROM drive

  • SysOpt reviews WinRoute Pro 4.1
  • HardwareCentral reviews Linksys KVM 2-port switch kit
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