Get ready for the AMD Phenom processor

The guys over at DailyTech have gotten hold of some rather juicy tidbits about AMD's plans in the processor market over the next year and a half. Perhaps the most interesting is that AMD intends to follow in Intel's footsteps and retire both its flagship brand and its model numbering scheme. Processors based on AMD's next-generation architecture will be branded "Phenom X2" for dual-core chips, "Phenom X4" for quad-core models, and "Phenom FX" for top-of-the-line offerings, DailyTech says. AMD's purported marketing slogan for these new chips? "Experience the Phenomenal." Yeah. AMD reportedly intends to keep using the Athlon and Sempron brand names for mainstream and budget chips, though.

The new Phenom brand will be accompanied by a new model numbering scheme that will do away with the current performance rating "plus" numbers. According to DailyTech, a next-gen "Sparta" chip clocked at 2.3GHz with a 45W power envelope will be dubbed LE-1300, for instance, while a 2.3GHz chip based on the existing "Brisbane" core with the same 45W power rating will bear a BE-2400 moniker.

Last, but not least, DailyTech has scored some information regarding AMD's 45nm plans. In the second half of next year, the chip maker intends to introduce its first 45nm desktop quad-core processors. The chips will be dubbed "Deneb" and "Deneb FX," and they'll supposedly introduce a new AM3 socket. Deneb FX will include support for DDR3 memory, as well. Mid-range 45nm chips are set to follow some time "closer to 2009."

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