Bearlake launch pulled forward to next week

Intel has pulled forward the launch of its next-generation "3 series" chipsets, also known as "Bearlake," to May 9, according to a report by The Inquirer. The site says the launch was originally scheduled for May 27, but that motherboard makers are now all standing at the ready for May 9 with new motherboards bearing the core logic. As high-end Bearlake chipsets will introduce support for DDR3 memory, The Inq says memory makers are also getting ready to ramp up DDR3 memory production in preparation for the launch. However, the site adds that DDR3 faces issues pertaining to "lacklustre benchmark results," especially when compared to high-performance DDR2 memory. DDR3 will reportedly need to scale up to 1.33GHz and 1.6GHz before it trumps DDR2.

Aside from DDR3 support, Bearlake chipsets will introduce support for 1333MHz front-side bus speeds, PCI Express 2.0, and Intel's Turbo Memory flash caching system. Bearlake integrated graphics chipsets will also bring DirectX 10 support and an improved version of Intel's Clear Video technology.

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