Power6-powered IBM servers coming within six weeks

Yesterday, we learned that Sun had taped out its next-generation "Niagara 2" processor and that it would ship it before the end of the year. Now, eWeek reports that IBM is also getting ready to launch a next-generation server processor. According to Ross Mauri, System p server general manager in IBM's Systems and Technology group, IBM will announce new System p servers based on the new Power6 processor "in the next six weeks." These new Power6 chips will be similar to IBM's current Power5+ processor in that they will have two cores and an execution pipeline with the same depth. However, Power6 chips will be based on 65nm process technology rather than the 90nm node, their clock speeds will be doubled to 4-5GHz, and memory bandwidth will also double to 75GB/s. According to Mauri, IBM will "leapfrog the competitors" and "leave them in the dust" thanks to the Power6.
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