Hector Ruiz confirms 45nm AMD chips for mid-2008

Yesterday, we heard rumors that AMD would introduce its first processors based on 45nm process technology in the second half of next year. The guys at The Inquirer have now reported on statements made by AMD CEO Hector Ruiz at a recent shareholder meeting, and it looks like AMD plans to have 45nm chips out well before the end of next year. Hector Ruiz is quoted by The Inq as saying that AMD "will introduce 45 nanometre chips in the middle of 2008." For reference, Intel plans to have 45nm chips out late this year, so AMD may only be behind by a few months this time—nothing like the 12 months it took to introduce its first 65nm chips after Intel released 65nm Core Duos in January 2006. The Inq says Ruiz also stated that AMD has "a tsunami of new products coming down the pipeline over the next 12 months," that he is "thrilled" that Dell is an AMD customer, and that the future of the Dell-AMD relationship holds more promise.
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