Valve's Portal gets previewed

Shacknews has just finished putting together a preview of Portal, the least-discussed but perhaps most original member of the Half-Life 2: Episode Two bundle set to launch this fall. The preview largely discusses Portal's puzzle- and, er, portal-ridden gameplay, but like all good previews, it also reveals a few interesting tidbits about the title. One of those little details is that Portal's writing is being handled by Old Man Murray creators Erik Wolpaw and Chet Faliszek, and they seem to have added a touch of irreverent humor to the game. A monotone narrator might warn the player, "Any contact with the chamber floor will result in an unsatisfactory score, followed by death," or exclaim, "Unbelievable. You, subject name here, must be the pride of subject hometown here."

Shacknews also says the game features a female lead character and that it may take place in the same universe as the Half-Life series. Valve tells the site that it "would prefer to let players come to those discoveries themselves," but Portal's first levels are reportedly set in a training facility operated by the Combine—the enemy force from Half-Life 2.

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