Poll: How many displays does your main PC have?

In our new poll this week, we're asking you how many displays do you have hooked up to your primary system. Users have been able to run dual-head monitor configurations relatively cheaply for a long time now, but sinking LCD monitor prices and the democratization of graphics cards with dual DVI display outputs might be an added incentive. Some of you might also be running more than two displays, either via a product like Matrox's TripleHead2Go or with a spare PCI or PCI Express graphics card. So, are you a one-display kind of guy (or gal), or are your multitasking needs too much for a single monitor? Feel free to head over to our poll and vote to let us know.

Our last poll subject was, "do you play massive multiplayer online games?" Interestingly, over two thirds of readers who voted (69%) don't indulge themselves in MMO games at all, although 17% did before and no longer do. That leaves 22% of our voters who play MMO games regularly, and a remaining 8% who do play MMO games but not often.

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