Asus preps Santa Rosa laptops with GeForce 8 GPUs

Intel's Santa Rosa notebook platform is due to launch this month, and Engadget has the skinny on a host of Asus notebooks that will be based on the new platform. There will be five machines in total, all sporting wide-screen displays with sizes ranging from 13.3" on the Asus W7S to a king-sized 17" on the A7S-7S00C. The machines look like fairly standard Santa Rosa offerings with Core 2 Duo processors clocked at up to 2.4GHz, 800MHz front-side buses, DDR2-667 memory, and 802.11n Wi-Fi (although some models will apparently only support 802.11g).

More interesting is the fact that all five notebooks are said to feature yet-unannounced Nvidia GeForce 8-series graphics processors. The top-of-the-line 17" notebook will supposedly have a "GeForce 8400G" GPU with TurboCache memory access, while the other four will have "GeForce 8600M" and "GeForce 8400" graphics with various TurboCache memory limits. Engadget's source doesn't mention specifications for those graphics processors, but considering the imminence of the Santa Rosa launch, Nvidia could be announcing those products shortly.

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