Say no to crack

Looks like Apple is having some difficulties with their new G4 Cube. According to this Cnet report the clear outer shell of the cube has been suffering from some hairline cracks, an issue that has many purchasers of the cube up in arms.

That may not mollify Cube buyers irked by flaws in the system's clear casing. Mac newsgroups have been rife with commentary on the issue as well as discussion threads on Apple's support Web site.

And Schiller acknowledged the lines "do show up as a top support call driver. People do ask a lot about it. There's no doubt about it."

While many callers are relieved to find their Cubes aren't defective, Apple is still embroiled in an embarrassing situation over a system sold as much on appearance as function.

As cool as the G4 cube looks, I find it kind of humorus that they're having these cosmetic problems with the design. Afterall, the full-size G4 is cheaper and more expandable, so the only valid reason to buy the cube in the first place is simple cosmetics. Thankfully, I doubt I have to worry about this problem with my Antec SX-830. :)

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