New CellFactor game shows bigger PhysX advantage

Despite being little more than a tech demo, CellFactor: Combat Training has been the best example of what's possible when developers exploit the capabilities of Ageia's PhysX physics accelerator. Artificial Studios pledged to offer a full version of CellFactor this spring, and that title appears to have finally arrived. PC Perspective has taken the new CellFactor: Revolution game for a spin, and the results of their performance testing are interesting indeed. When we first saw CellFactor in action last year, the game was only marginally slower running without dedicated PhysX hardware. This latest version of CellFactor runs much better with a PhysX card installed, even when pitted against a Core 2 Extreme X6800 processor. CellFactor: Revolution is due to be available as a free download today.

Update: The full game is available for download on FileShack here.

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