New OCZ RAM is 'tailored' for Socket AM2 chips

OCZ has expanded its endlessly growing line of memory products with an interesting new specimen: a kit it claims is tailored specifically for AMD's Socket AM2 platform. The new OCZ Titanium AM2 Special is a 4GB memory kit made up of two 2GB DDR2-667 DIMMs with 5-5-5-15 latency timings and voltage of 1.8-2.0V. Nothing particularly interesting so far, but OCZ says the DIMMs have special optimizations for Socket AM2 processors:
OCZ developed the innovative Titanium AM2 Special kits to leverage AMD's sophisticated DDR2 platform for enhanced real world computing experience. With 11 column address bit support by the AM2 memory controller, the number of addresses in each row or page can be as high as 2048 individual entries for a page size of 16kbit. Unlike modules based on standard 10-bit column address chips with an "8k" page size, the new Titanium AM2 Special modules take advantage of the AM2 controller's feature set and provide a single rank solution with 2GB density using "16k" pages. This allows the controller to stay “in page” twice as long compared to standard memory architectures, thereby achieving unparalleled performance.
Considering the memory firm also introduced a 4GB DDR2-800 memory kit with 5-5-5-18 timings back in February, this new DDR2-667 kit may not get the performance edge even with those optimizations. OCZ hasn't announced pricing for the new kit, though, so it could nonetheless be a more affordable alternative.
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