Google mobile product to be announced tomorrow

Google executives successively confirmed and denied that a Google phone was in the works back in March, and that did nothing to quell rumors and speculation. Last month, Taiwanese sources even reported that smart phone maker HTC was manufacturing handsets specifically for Google, and that the devices would come out in 2008. Now, British site reports that Google plans to unveil a mobile-related product tomorrow. The site elaborates, "Google has invited us to a press briefing tomorrow morning. It's keeping schtum on the details, except to say that the event will present a 'product for mobiles'."

A "product for mobiles" may not be the much-discussed Google Phone, but it definitely fits in with what Google Internet evangelist Vinton Cerf said last month. "Becoming an equipment manufacturer is pretty far from our business model. On the other hand, we're very interested in the platforms that other people are building. We are quite eager to be part of the mobile revolution," Cerf stated.

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