Radeon HD 2950 XTX coming in the third quarter

AMD has yet to introduce its long-awaited R600-based Radeon HD 2900-series cards, but according to Fudzilla, the firm is already preparing to launch a successor to its upcoming flagship. A so-called Radeon HD 2950 XTX will reportedly be introduced in the third quarter of this year, just one quarter after AMD expects to release the R600. Fudzilla says this Radeon 2950 XTX will feature a new R650 graphics processor, which will be based on 65nm process technology. The card will also be outfitted with 1GB of GDDR4 memory, and it should arrive in August or September.

Rumors we heard last month suggest that AMD plans to undercut the prices of existing high-end graphics cards by a pretty significant margin with its R650-based products. The difference will reportedly be on the order of $100-150, which might place the Radeon HD 2950 XTX somewhere in the $350-500 price range.

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