TR Forum Tidings: Computer desks

Most enthusiasts spend a great deal of time and energy researching the best possible combination of parts for their latest new PC or upgrade, but one's computing environment is often overlooked. For our tidings post this week, we've selected a thread by gerbil newbie ApockofFork that's about picking a good computer desk. ApockofFork is leaving the parental nest and heading to college, and he wants a desk that can both host his 22" wide-screen monitor and allow him to study. Other members have already suggested the classic Ikea Galant, a simple folding table, and shopping at second-hand office supply stores to find a sturdy, old-fashioned desk.

What about you? What would you recommend? What's your ideal desk? Are you a fan of computer-specific furniture with slide-out keyboard trays, or do you prefer large, spacious table-style desks? If you have a recommendation to make or anything else to contribute, feel free to register a forum account and jump in the discussion.

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