Comcast shows off 150Mbps cable

Faced with competition from Verizon's speedy FiOS fiber-optic Internet service, Comcast has shown off new cable technology it claims will allow users to enjoy download speeds as high as 150Mbps, as the Associated Press reports. That's a theoretical maximum of 18.75MB/s to you and me, or around 25 times faster than typical cable connections.
The technology, called DOCSIS 3.0, was developed by the cable industry's research arm, Cable Television Laboratories. It bonds together four cable lines but is capable of allowing much more capacity. The laboratory said last month it expected manufacturers to begin submitting modems for certification under the standard by the end of the year.
According to Comcast Chief Executive Brian Roberts, modems supporting the DOCSIS 3.0 "channel bonding" technology necessary to hit such speeds will have prices "not that dissimilar" to those of existing modems. The technology should be available "within less than a couple years," Roberts says.
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