Thanks to some great work from Azonic, we've got a few long-needed changes going on around here. You've probably already noticed the new comments lines after news posts. They're a little smarter than what we had before, and the "First post! by..." thing is just nifty.

More importantly, (especially for airheads like our beloved Forge) we've finally got a password recovery form that will mail you your comments system password if you've lost it. It would be nice to cut down on the gerbil population around here. :)

Hopefully, these changes will keep us ahead of our increasingly formidable competition.

Also, our Forums are starting to take off... A little. Kinda. I'd like to think. Please?

The all-important Presidential poll is running neck and neck, proving indisuptably that constant poll spamming and gross violations of democratic etiquette will, eventually, reflect exactly the will of the American people.

Finally, after yesterday's fun, I'm thinking about cutting back on caffeine. The stuff is dangerous.

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