Antec announces the availability of its P190 case

Exactly four months after unveiling its "most powerful case," the P190, Antec has announced that the new chassis is now available. The Antec P190 comes with dual power supplies that have 650W and 550W ratings, for a total of 1.2kW of power. Antec has also outfitted the case with five fans: two top-mounted 140mm models, one exhaust 120mm model, and one 200mm behemoth—the "Big Boy"—on the side of the case. The company stated back in January that the P190 was designed to accommodate "multiple instances of virtually all system components," but that it was nonetheless made with silent computing in mind. Online stores like Newegg and ZipZoomFly don't seem to be listing the P190 yet, but Antec says the case will sell with a retail price of no less than $490.
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